Clarifying notes on O2GO containers

A few notes of clarification on the new O2GO containers announced this week: At The Marketplace inside Leona Cloud Commons, you can fill your O2GO container with a to-go meal. However, you may not sit and dine prior to filling your O2GO container. Also, please DO NOT use campus restroom sinks to rinse your O2GO container, as they are not designed to handle food waste.

An earlier post:
You may have noticed a new machine in the University Union outside of the Leona Cloud Commons. This is a O2GO machine. Beginning Tuesday, September 5, the University Union is launching use of O2GO by OZZI, a reusable food container program that allows UW-Green Bay students, faculty and staff to get a to-go meal from dining locations, including the Cloud Commons. To begin using this program, pick up a complimentary token with your University ID at the UTIC (University Ticketing & Information Center). Tokens will be available beginning Wednesday, August 22. Tokens will be redeemable at the following dining locations for an O2GO dining container beginning September 5: -The Marketplace inside Leona Cloud Commons, for a to-go meal -Rustic Range -Phoenix Club -Garden Cafe -Shorewood Golf Course Once you are done with the to-go container, remove all food waste and rinse the container. (The O2GO by OZZI machine is not designed to handle food waste.) Return the used O2GO container to to the O2GO machine outside of the Cloud Commons and receive a token that is again redeemable for a container. Dining staff will not be able to exchange dirty containers for clean, only a token will get you a clean container. If you misplace your token at anytime, you may pick up a second complimentary token at UTIC. After two tokens, tokens may be purchased for $5 from the UTIC. Questions may be directed to Tammy Olp,