Leadership team engages in campus community forums


Chancellor Miller at UW-Manitowoc

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary L. Miller and his leadership team including new Manitowoc Campus Executive Officer Rachele Bakic, met with faculty, staff and community members at the Manitowoc campus on Monday, August 20, 2018. It was the third branch campus visit this month with an opportunity for faculty and staff to meet the new campus CEOs followed by an informal question and answer session. Legislators, government officials, members of the foundations at the campuses, business leaders and others attended. The Chancellor discussed an inspired hope and optimism for the new UW-Green Bay and the importance of each region to the four college, one University model.

“As I shared at my open forum, I believe my vision for this campus and community is no different from why most of you in the room have chosen to take part in higher education in some capacity… the ultimate goal is student success,” CEO Bakic said. “This has been a passion of mine since I’ve gone through my own educational experience. I believe our collective goal is to reposition the core question ‘Are students college-ready?’ and instead center our mission on being a ‘student-ready’ institution.”

WBAY had coverage.

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