The Phoenix Bookstore operations may be contracted out

The University is moving forward this fall with a process to contract out The Phoenix Bookstore operations. As is the case of the college bookstore industry as a whole, changing market dynamics, including the growth of online textbook retail vendors and intense enrollment competition, have made it difficult to be competitive and sustain the bookstore as a University-provided service. The Phoenix Bookstore employees and the campus community will continue to be informed as the University leadership moves through this process. It is the hope of campus leadership that positions for affected employees will be secured through other vacant positions on campus or employment with the new organization managing the bookstore.

Selection of a third party is expected to take place in February or March with a transition likely taking place on July 1, 2018. The current staff of The Phoenix Bookstore will work to maintain the level of service delivered in the past, including stocking all textbooks and spirit wear for fall and spring semesters. Information regarding buy-back opportunities and changes to the faculty ordering process will be shared as decisions are made. Questions or concerns can be directed to Rick Warpinski, Director of the University Union,

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