Return a ‘homecoming’ for UW Credit Union’s Wayne Resch

Wayne Resch, UW Credit Union, branch managerCall his word choice cliché if you wish, Wayne Resch doesn’t mind. In fact he’s adamant that a return to UW-Green Bay is his “dream come true.”

The 1993 Business Administration and economics graduate returned to campus in June of 2011 as UW Credit Union’s branch manager. It’s a return to the place where Resch led tour groups as a student ambassador, served up a brew or two and took reservations at the Shorewood Golf Course, and officiated intramural games at the Phoenix Sports Center. It’s a return to the institution that prepared him to be a successful businessman and engaged community member.

“UW-Green Bay provided me with an outstanding college experience by giving me the tools I needed to be successful during school and after graduation,” Resch said. “Returning to campus has been a dream of mine for many years. The University has given so much to me and I want to be able to give back to this community.”

Resch who worked in banking since 2003, has stay connected through the years as a member of the University Alumni Association and the Phoenix Fund, and as a community representative for the University’s Intercollegiate Athletics Committee.

His passion for Phoenix athletics was stirred “during the Bennett years,” an era in Phoenix men’s basketball when Head Coach Dick Bennett, and his son, Tony Bennett, led the Phoenix to national prominence.

Resch claims perfect attendance at Phoenix games during his undergraduate years. His favorite place to be from November through March is mid-court, across from the scorer’s table, six rows up. On rare occasions he fires up the crowd with a Randy Travis-like imitation of the National Anthem.

His family is also closely connected to UW-Green Bay. Wayne’s wife, Anita Resch, graduated from the University with a Master’s of Management degree, and his daughter, Celeste, is a current undergraduate.

“As connected as I felt after meeting Chancellor Harden in 2009 and feeling his passion for continuing to make UW-Green Bay successful, my desire to be a part of the campus only increased,” Resch said.

Wayne Resch, UW Credit Union, branch manager

Resch got his chance when offered the branch manager position in June.

“My dream came true when UW Credit Union offered me the branch manager position on campus,” he says. “This position allows me to work for a great organization that is truly committed to serving the needs of the campus community and be a financial partner on campus.”

Resch said he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the UW Credit Union, including helping members with their financial questions and needs.

“I’ll be dedicated to serving the campus community and creating awareness of how UW Credit Union delivers products and services that put our members’ best interests first,” he said.

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