UW-Green Bay students sharing time, expertise at New Leaf Foods

In a recent blog post from New Leaf Foods, UW-Green Bay students Samantha Daggett and Kongcheng Thao were featured and thanked for their time and contributions. Please read the full article that highlights their accomplishments here. President of the New Leaf Foods Board of Directors, Lynn Walter, had this to say:

“Samantha Daggett and Kongcheng Thao, thank you for your service as MCHS AmeriCorps Members for New Leaf Foods! We honor you for your contributions to supporting healthy food access for all and to building a sustainable local food system in a clean environment. Your outstanding work reflects your education, expertise, dedication, generosity, talent, and concern for others. You begin your final semester at UW-Green Bay having already made significant and lasting contributions to a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable world. Congratulations and a wonderful future to you both!” Read more

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