Emeriti faculty member Ron Steiglitz has joke published in Reader’s Digest

The June 2018 edition (page 114) of the Reader’s Digest featured a joke by a familiar name — emeritus faculty member Ron Steiglitz (Natural and Applied Science) under the category “Dad Jokes! You’ve been Warned!”

He writes… My dad’s favorite joke is indelible: Joe is a new man on a construction crew. The first day on the job, he opens his lunch box and mumbles, “Oh no. Peanut butter!” The next day, “Peanut Butter again!”

This goes on for days, until another worker says, “Why don’t you ask your wife to make a different lunch?”

Joe replies, “I’m not married. I make my own lunch.”

Whether or not anyone else laughed, Dad certainly did.

Stieglitz is an award-winning faculty member and published author in fields of environmental science, biology.

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