Phuture Phoenix training


Usually, it’s University of Wisconsin-Green Bay students who are being taught about the Phuture Phoenix program. On Monday (Aug. 3), it was a delegation of UW-Eau Claire officials who were doing the learning.

A team from UW-Eau Claire came to UW-Green Bay to learn as much as they could about Phuture Phoenix, as the program is being replicated on the UW-Eau Claire campus.

Both universities will share funding from the 2009-10 Wisconsin College Access Challenge Grant — distributed by Great Lakes Higher Education Guarantee Corporation — to help create Blugold Beginnings, a program that will serve at-risk students in the western part of the state.

Phuture Phoenix traning session.

Phuture Phoenix training session

In March, Phuture Phoenix was chosen as the program to be replicated at another state institution. The $125,000 grant will go toward the development of the program at UW-Eau Claire.

Blugold Beginnings will be the third program nationally to follow the Phuture Phoenix model.

Phuture Phoenix co-creator Cyndie Shepard has started a similar program at Western Washington University called Compass 2 Campus. Shepard is the wife of former UW-Green Bay Chancellor Bruce Shepard, who is now president at Western Washington.

Phuture Phoenix was also a model for the Wisconsin Covenant program. Wisconsin First Lady Jessica Doyle is a strong supporter of the Phuture Phoenix program and helped announce the replication grant in March.

In the top photo, left to right — Ginny Riopelle, Phuture Phoenix co-founder; Cyndie Shepard, Phuture Phoenix co-founder; Kirby Harless, UW-Eau Claire Residence Hall director, Housing and Residence Life; Rogelio Encizo, UW-Eau Claire student intern; Sarah Gonzalez, UW-Eau Claire student intern; Jodi Thesing-Ritter, UW-Eau Claire associate dean of students; Lissa Martinez, UW-Eau Claire Blugold Beginnings College Access Challenge Grant coordinator; Mary Huffcutt, UW-Eau Claire Line Up For College coordinator; Stephanie Cataldo Pabich, Phuture Phoenix associate director; Kim Desotell, Phuture Phoenix director.

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