Chancellor shares update on Strategic Planning Themes

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Thomas Harden provided an update on the development of Strategic Planning Themes to an audience of about 60 faculty and staff members Tuesday afternoon in the Christie Theatre. The themes — still in draft form — summarize topics raised by more than 275 volunteer participants in 17 listening sessions and affinity-mapping exercises last spring. Harden briefly described each category and said he believes one, “Student Success,” is the logical choice for top priority, but the list, still in development, is otherwise unranked.

In the question-and-answer portion of Tuesday’s one-hour forum, the Chancellor appeared to welcome the suggestion that the international dimension of a UW-Green Bay education merits a more direct mention. In response to a question about the broad nature of the themes, he stressed again that “the themes are general in nature by design” and will provide the framework to guide development of more targeted strategic planning to follow. Harden said he plans future updates as well as review sessions in the coming weeks and months with staff and faculty governance groups and interested community members.

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