UW System President Tommy Thompson launches 70-for-70 initiative

UW System President Tommy Thompson is encouraging UW System students to get vaccinated to make the fall semester as memorable as possible. Watch the video. In a letter to all students, he states:

“I am excited to welcome you back to our campuses in a few weeks. In order to make your Fall semester as memorable as possible, I am encouraging all of you to get your COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine has proven to be safe and effective at combating COVID, and I hope all of you are as safe as possible. That is why I am launching the “70 for 70” initiative, to further promote vaccinations.

If your campus reaches a 70 percent vaccination rate, then all in person vaccinated students will be eligible to receive one of 70 scholarships, valued at $7,000 each. To receive a scholarship, I encourage you to get vaccinated, tell your University you’ve been vaccinated, and then encourage your friends to do the same.”

Together, we will vax up and smash COVID.

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