UW-Green Bay sponsors gBeta accelerator, seeks feedback

The New Venture Foundry, StageThree and UW-Green Bay will again be hosting startup pitches from the gBeta accelerator program, and you are invited to join. These are early stage companies from entrepreneurs of all ages who are building and refining their Wisconsin-based startups in the gBETA Madison and Milwaukee cohorts. Please visit Wood Hall, Room 213, Monday, August 6, 2018 from 1 to 3 p.m. to hear up to eight startups pitch. These gBeta cohort companies are seeking the following:
1.  Feedback, mentors, and guidance
2.  Customers, partners and introductions
3.  Investors

Each pitch will be five minutes in length, with an opportunity for questions and comments from those attending.  You will also have a chance to talk further with the entrepreneurs individually after the event.

Get more information on gBETA Northeast Wisconsin’s programs. gBETA Northeast Wisconsin is sponsored by the Austin E. Cofrin School of Business at UW-Green Bay.

More on the companies that will present August 6, 2108,

Arid Outdoors​ manufactures usb-powered, modular cooling units that circulate days worth of cool, dry air throughout any recreational cooler. Using Arid’s patent-pending cooling technology, ice and water are separated from perishable food to ensure the contents stay at a uniform, dry, food-safe temperature throughout the entire interior of the cooler. ​Arid Outdoors has a working prototype and has a provisional patent on file.

Blue Mangoes installs passive solar dehydrator systems in rural communities abroad to transform naturally overproduced fruits into organic, dehydrated snacks retailed in the U.S. ​Blue Mangoes is working in five countries worldwide and has formed partnerships with Global Brigades and Mission of Hope, Haiti.

Chain Tracks’ BCaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform allows companies (e.g. accounting firms, law firms, regulatory bodies) to easily leverage blockchain technology to securely record and verify critical business transactions in a matter of seconds. Chain Tracks’ software can integrate with any company’s existing core software through open API or can act as a stand-alone software solution. Chain Tracks’ founder is an instructor of blockchain technology at Marquette University and sits on the board of Marquette’s blockchain lab.

Satori Food Project​ is a medical food company that incorporates vitamins and supplements known to reduce symptoms of common mental illness. Satori Food Project’s initial product offering is vitamin-enriched coffee creamer and hot chocolate mix as a safe alternative therapy for anxiety and ADHD​. Satori Food Project has secured $120k in support for pre-clinical research from Concordia University of Wisconsin – School of Pharmacy.

Sickpic​ (previously Zoolish) uses object recognition to identify latent infectious diseases. Sickpic’s first smartphone app, Safe.T.D., detects in real-time topical STD indicators and connects users with university health centers to educate and encourage next-step treatment. Sickpic provides a faster, better and cheaper tool used to identify early stage diseases and related health problems. ​Sickpic has an alpha product and won over $12,000 since March 2018 in the University of Wisconsin’s La Macchia New Venture Business Plan and James D. Scheinfeld Entrepreneurial Awards Competition.

Domeloz ​produces premium spirits distilled from 100% honey, offering a new option for customers who want an alternative to traditional spirits, who appreciate the highest quality, and who care about the supply source of what they consume. Domeloz Honey Spirit is the only domestic brand dedicated solely to 100% honey-based spirits​. Since launch in 2017, Domeloz has won six international awards, sold over 400 cases and generated over $70K+ in net revenue.

iMETx​’s healthcare analytic platform uses data analytics to help cancer patients increases energy production. iMETx helps achieve physician-determined clinical outcomes by assessing patient’s energy production, analyzing health and habits and providing dynamic individualized daily movement prescriptions. In iMETX clinical trials with over 80 patients, 93% of patients completed the trial and averaged 20% energy production increase even 6 months following. iMETX’s technology is protect by two patent-pending algorithms and was developed using $4M grant funding and 17+ years of research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. iMETx is a Wisconsin-based, Delaware C-Corp.

LÜM’s streaming platform is built on a social network that enables emerging artists to circulate their music and grow their fanbase. The LÜM social network focuses exclusively on emerging artists and gamifies music discovery by increasing fan-to-fan and fan-to-artist engagement. Artists upload their content and engage with fans on LÜM’s platform. Fans discover artists and tracks by sharing, ranking, and engaging with their friends and communities. LÜM incorporatedin February 2018 as Live Undiscovered Music, has raised ~$250K and acquired 2,000 users (1,600 fans and 400 artists) pre-launch.

Medical Engineering Innovation (MEI) develops radio frequency (RF)-based surgical tools for​ treating cancer patients. MEI’s electrosurgery tools are optimized for specific procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes for the patients. MEI’s first product, SwiftBlade-R, is intended to be used by a surgeon while performing a liver resection. SwiftBlade-R minimizes blood loss, coagulates tissue up to 10X faster, reduces procedure time by 2X and could increase 5-year survival rates by 2X. MEI has completed a successful round of large animal survival surgeries, received $3.1MM in funding (>$1.2MM from non-dilutive grants) and is preparing for 510(k) submission by Q4 2018. MEI incorporated in Wisconsin as Medical EngineeringInnovations, is QNBV certified and is currently raising a $1.2MM round with $810K closed (Serra Venture lead).

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