Professors Style, Meacham and Lutsky linked to ‘Really Big Prints’

Drawing inspiration from campus colleague Prof. Rebecca Meacham’s flash fiction piece, “Cases: Willard Asylum for the Insane, New York, 1910-1960,” Art Prof. Christine Style created printing blocks for last weekend’s Really Big Prints event on the Manitowoc campus. Style (working at the event in image 18, below) imagined, drew and carved a print block — and over this entire set of 14, overlaid an image of her own mother. The entire series (which is 60″ x 32″) was printed by steamroller at the Really Big Prints event.

Berel Lutsky (in photos with P22 hat), art professor on the Manitowoc campus, was one of the event organizers. The pieces created during Really Big Prints will be featured at the Rahr-West Museum of Art in Manitowoc from July 22-Sept. 16, with a closing reception 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 16. After that exhibit, the prints move to the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and then other venues.

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Really Big Prints 3

– Photos by Kimberly Vlies, Marketing and University Communication, photos of Christine Style and Rebecca Meacham were submitted

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