Harden: Follow furlough rules

Several questions at this week’s all-campus information session focused on the tensions inherent when a highly structured furlough policy encounters faculty and staff who are proud of “getting the work done” and minimizing disruption to students and community. In general, the answers directed employees to consult with their immediate supervisors to sort through office coverage and workflow issues. Complicating those calculations are federal labor laws and overtime rules that mandate careful record keeping and strict timecard adherence during any weeks a furlough day is taken, even for salaried workers. (The system aims to prevent staff members from taking a furlough day one day and then working double the next day, even voluntarily, to catch up.) In response to a question, Chancellor Thomas Harden said he, too, would discipline himself to work only 32 hours during any furlough-day weeks, as required. He pledged to follow the letter of the law by turning off his PDA and avoiding the office and even off-campus meetings on each of the mandated eight furlough days.