Campus mourns loss of distinguished alumnus, Judge Patrick Madden

Judge Patrick Madden

Judge Patrick Madden

He was the first editor of UW-Green Bay’s longstanding campus newspaper, The Fourth Estate, and he was named one of the University’s most distinguished alumni in 1990. Campus learned of the passing of Judge Patrick Madden (’71, Modernization Processes) last week. More on Madden in the UW-Green Bay book, “From the Beginning.”

According to the book, “The opening of the new campus in 1969 was ‘like Christmas’ for Madden and his friends. ‘I’d been in, on or around every one of the foundations and structures of those buildings as they were put up,’ Madden recalled. ‘It was as though we had a stake in every one of them. We’d go out and visit them like they were friends.”

There will be a memorial service held in his honor at the Iron County Courthouse on July 27, beginning at 10:44 a.m. Read Madden’s obituary.

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