UW-Green Bay grads a force in Baylor Medicine Class of ’10

Three Ph.D. recipients from the same, modest-size Wisconsin university had to have those people in Texas wondering what our secret is, up here. At this spring’s Baylor College of Medicine graduation program, three UW-Green Bay alumni took part.

Their degrees and dissertation topics are as follows:

Matthew Blankschien, Ph.D. in molecular and human genetics, “Modulating Transcription Initiative Without Binding DNA; the Role of Secondary Channel Interactors.”

Elisha James Dettman, Ph.D. in molecular and human genetics, “The Role of Prdm14 in Murine Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.”

Anna Malovannaya, molecular and cellular biology, “Developing High Throughput Mass Epectrometry Proteomics Method for Analysis and Discovery of Endogenous Transcriptional Coregulator Complexes.”

Congratulations to all three and to UW-Green Bay mentor Prof. Warren Johnson of Human Biology. We intend to carry a follow-up item in our fall edition of the Inside UW-Green Bay print magazine.

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