Photo gallery: State budget provides $102,270,000 funding for UW-Green Bay

Governor Tony Evers Speaking at podium outside of the Cofrin Library after signing state budget.
Governor Tony Evers speaks about the state budget.

Governor Tony Evers was on the Green Bay Campus yesterday (July 8, 2021), celebrating the state budget with the region, which will provide $102,270,000 in funding for UW-Green Bay, and provides for the replacement for the Cofrin Library, among other important projects and opportunities. Said Alexander in a memo to the UW-Green Bay community:

“Today, Governor Evers signed the state budget which will provide a total of $102,270,000 in funding for UW-Green Bay.  The funding provides $96,297,000 for the replacement for the Cofrin Library into the new Cofrin Research Center, $3,268,000 for renovation of the Studio Arts Visual Arts Laboratory, $2,349,000 for renovation of the Mary Ann Cofrin/Wood Hall Health Care Skills & Simulation Laboratory, and $356,800 in annual Tribal Gaming Funds to be used for First Nations programming and summer camps.

The funding listed above will continue to provide momentum for UW-Green Bay.  It is a clear indication that our state government believes in our ability to transform the lives of our students, be a driver for the economic growth of our region, and continually improve the quality of life for everyone that lives in our 16-county footprint.  Once again, I want to thank Governor Evers, the Wisconsin Legislature, the Oneida Nation, the Board of Regents, and President Thompson for their support.  We succeed by working together.

Now we must continue to sprint forward to strive for the lofty ideals we have set as a university in our mission and vision.  While facilities are incredibly important to providing a quality education, it is what we do in these spaces and with this funding to elevate everyone around us that truly matters.

It is a great day to be a Phoenix.  Let’s continue to dream bigger as we rise.”

State Rep. Kristina Shelton, also at Thursday’s press conference, said this was a team effort.

“The Cofrin Technology and Education Center reminds us that it is our duty to rise up together like the Phoenix of UWGB and create a future we can all be proud of. Now is the time to invest in the things we share and to invest in each other. And I want to thank Gov. Evers for investing in us.”

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Governor Evers Budget Signing
– Photos by Dan Moore, Marketing and University Communication.

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