Name Change: Residence Life will be renamed Housing and Residential Education

Beginning July 1, 2021, the Office of Residence Life will be renamed Housing and Residential Education. While the current department name has served its purpose well, it no longer accurately captures or promotes the positive educational impact provided to students who live on campus. For many years, college and university housing across the country served very basic needs; a roof over a student’s head and access to basic amenities. As our programs have progressed, higher education institutions have recognized the importance of student life and the coinciding contributions to student success. One major contributor to student success outside the classroom is residential education. Students learn through educational programming, our processes, policies, procedures, and through interactions with our professional and student staff. This learning is a critical piece in a student’s development as they transition from home to the workforce.

Overall, the name Housing and Residential Education more accurately describes what the current Office of Residence Life provides to students. Yes, we provide a safe and comfortable place to live (Housing), but we also provide education and student development outside of the classroom (Residential Education). Please take the time now to update departmental websites/publications where Residence Life is currently utilized, and begin using Housing and Residential Education after July 1 in working with students and other stakeholders.

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