Faculty and staff recognized by alumni for ‘positive impact’

When talking with UW-Green Bay alumni, many say they are who they are today because of the amazing support they received from faculty and staff. Recently, alumni were asked to recognize and honor mentors that have made a positive impact in their lives. Below is a list of those mentioned by alumni:

Bill Conley
Bill Laatsch
Charles Ihrke
Christine Style
Cristina Ortiz
Dan Spielman
David Christenson
David Coury
David Helpap
Dennis Bryan
Don McCartney
Ed Weidner
Fergus Hughes
Grant Winslow
Gregory Davis
Harvey Kaye
Heather Masters
Jack Frisch
James Murray
Jennifer Ham
John King
John Luczaj
Karl Zehms
Keith White
Linda Peacock-Landrum
Louise Witherell
Lucy Arndt
Marcelo Cruz
Mike Morgan
Paul Sager
Peter Kellogg
Phil Clampitt
Raquel Kersten
Richard Jansen
Robert Ditton
Robert Howe
Ryan Currier
Stephanie Kaponya
Steve Meyer
Tetyana Malysheva
Thomas Goodale
Tim Meyer
Wendel Johnson
Woo Jeon

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