Name change from Bursar to ‘Student Billing Resources’ begins today

The “Bursar’s Office”—a name that has perhaps outlived its time will be called “Student Billing Resources” beginning immediately. With the name change comes a new, easy-to-navigate website. All the services provided in the past will continue.

This redesign is part of a larger project to update a selection of Student Services sites. Other sites in the project include Academic Advising, the Registrar’s Office, Career Services, Financial Aid, and GBOSS (Green Bay One Stop Shop).

The redesign aligns with the UW-Green Bay top-level site template that launched last September. It features a streamlined navigation menu, for a more consistent experience across mobile and desktop screens. It has a short priority navigation so the most important content is the easiest to access. The redesign philosophy takes a student-centered approach, focusing on making items students seek accessible and easy to locate. This redesign isn’t just a superficial look-and-feel applied to the same content. The language and imagery is strategically crafted to align with UW-Green Bay’s authentic personality — tenacious challenger, daring innovator, and attentive provider. These personality attributes were identified in an extensive reputation strategy research project in winter 2019-20.

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