Communiversity Park will reopen on June 17

Immediate repairs to the shoreline at Communiversity Park is complete and the public will once again be invited to use the park adjacent to the Green Bay Campus from dawn until dusk beginning June 17, 2022. Please honor the signage to protect further erosion and note that the shoreline erosion will continue to be monitored.

The reconstruction was necessary. Because of the erosion and the risk that loose ground presented to the physical safety of park users, the University requested a State of Wisconsin Project to have the area remediated for the safety of its users and to prevent further deterioration. This property is controlled by the Board of Regents of the UW Wisconsin System and therefore governed by construction and improvement rules of the Department of Administration.

Once the work was completed the University assessed the area for continued risks as well as to determine what mitigations would be necessary to prevent further erosion and protect the areas of remediation. Based on that examination, temporary fencing will be placed around areas where new grass was planted and additional signage will be placed advising users to stay off the break wall area in the hope of maintaining the current property and preventing exasperation of the erosion and wash out; while protecting the safety of those using the park.