Help the Phoenix name the Falcons


UW-Green Bay is proud to announce that after seven long years of trying, the University is now home to its first successful nesting of Peregrine falcons…and we need your help in naming our new feathered friends!

The four male eyasses (baby falcons) pictured above hatched in May on top of the University’s eight-story Cofrin Library. We’re so excited about our firstborn (err…first-hatched!) that we are inviting campus and community to take part in the naming process! Have an idea? Submit it using this form. Selected names will be part of the official ballot hitting social media next week. Names must be submitted in groups of four (example: Paul, John, George, and Ringo). Nominations must be received by midnight, Monday, June 19 to be considered for voting.

Submit your name ideas

Congratulations go out to proud parents Mimi and Rupert and the University’s Tom Erdman. Once on the endangered species list, Peregrines are now being successfully reintroduced into Wisconsin through efforts like those of Erdman, resident bird expert and curator of UW-Green Bay’s Richter Museum of Natural History.

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