UW System Board of Regents new appointees

Walker names three to UW System Board of Regents
Gov. Scott Walker announced this week his appointments of Margaret Farrow of Pewaukee, Janice Mueller of Madison, and student Joshua Inglett to the UW System Board of Regents. The appointments are two citizen members and one student member, respectively. Farrow is the former lieutenant governor of Wisconsin and a former state legislator, school teacher and real estate agent. Mueller formerly served as the state auditor within the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau, and has contributed to state and national boards dealing with government accounting and auditing standards. Inglett is a UW-Platteville student majoring in Engineering Physics while minoring in both Mathematics and Business Administration. (His nomination has been questioned – see story link below). If you’d like to read more about the three nominees and the appointment process, our friends at UW-Parkside are among those who have archived Gov. Walker’s press release.

Applause for Regent nominations

Three new members appointed to the UW System’s Board of Regents by Gov. Scott Walker this week should help mend fences with state legislators, add perspective from an underrepresented campus, and bring an auditor’s eye for transparency, leaders of a statewide students group said Wednesday. (Not specifically mentioned in the story but also worth noting: the appointment of women to the two citizen slots appears to address a criticism of the pre-2011 board, that being it was overwhelmingly male.) Read positive comments about the new appointees – click here.

Not so fast

On Thursday, sources were being reported that say the administration will be asking the State Senate to withdraw the nomination of UW-Platteville student Joshua Inglett to the Board of Regents. Walker Administration sources say that Inglett’s nomination will be withdrawn not solely because he signed the petition to recall Walker — they say Walker appointees to other positions also signed petitions — but also because Inglett  “was not forthcoming.” Read more.

‘Former medic, bank CEO to head embattled UW regents’
That’s the headline over the recent Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel story regarding the election of longtime Regent Michael Falbo of Franklin. We include this additional link to the already reported news because the story focuses on the “embattled” nature of current UW System politics. The story suggests former Vietnam War medic Falbo knows a thing or two about emergency triage, and as a bank president has a thorough knowledge of budget and finance. Falbo says he’s not sure the UW System can change any minds about the Legislature’s proposed budget cuts, but moving forward he is hopeful about repairing any damage. Read more.

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