First Nations students meet with Department of Public Instruction

On May 17, 2019, students in the First Nations Studies Seminar (FNS 391) traveled to Madison to present to officials at the Department of Public Instruction. Students in the course had spent the semester learning about state laws requiring instruction in the history, culture, and tribal sovereignty of the federally recognized tribes and bands in Wisconsin in K-12 schools and teacher education programs, requirements commonly known as “Act 31.”  State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor, members of her cabinet, and program staff in American Indian Studies, Social Studies, and other programs listened attentively as UW-Green Bay students Dolly Potts, Elizabeth Howard, Crystal Danforth, Ana Olp, Holly Daniels, Nate Bowman, and Marla Mahkimetas, shared their policy research and recommendations related to instructional materials, preservice teacher education, in-service teacher professional development, systemic capacity issues, and examples of success in other states. These students will be following up to share a written report with their complete findings. fns 391 to DPI spring 2019 copyDPI staff members have already been invited them to serve as partners and reviewers on several projects in progress.

In the photo: Left to right, back row: Tamara Mouw (Dir. Content and Learning Team); Crystal Danforth, Elizabeth Howard, J P Leary, David O’Connor (American Indian Studies Consultant). Middle row Ana Olp, Marla Mahkimetas, State Superintendent Carolyn Stanford Taylor, Dr. Sheila Briggs (Asst. State Superintendent for Academic Excellence), Kris McDaniel (Social Studies Consultant). Front Row, Holly Daniels, Nate Bowman, Dolly Potts, Connie Ellingson (Office Operations Associate)

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