Meet Wilson, Stotts and Gladys, the newly named Peregrine falcon chicks

Peregrine falcon chicks
Peregrine falcon chicks

Last week the newest Peregrine Falcon chicks were banded by master raptor bander Greg Septon. Due to the risk of avian influenza, the banding was not open to the public.

There were two males and one female named:

  1. Male: Wilson, named after famous American biologist and naturalist, E.O. Wilson.
  2. Male: Stotts, named after a famous African American falconer Rodney Stotts, who introduces nature and raptors to city kids.
  3. Female: Gladys, not named after anyone. “The bird just looked like a Gladys.”

See the webpage on the Peregrines, which includes a YouTube link to the live stream. (If screen is black, check back).

Photos by Bob Howe, Director, Cofrin Center for Biodiversity

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