Faculty minutes included surprise resolution commending Interim Chancellor Sheryl Van Gruensven

Minutes of the UW-Green Bay faculty senate meeting, Wednesday, May 6, 2020 included a resolution of support for the work of Sheryl Van Gruensven as she stepped in as interim chancellor. The minutes read:

A silent conspiracy to recognize and thank Sheryl Van Gruensven for her dedicated efforts as Interim Chancellor culminated in UC Chair Jim Loebl reading aloud the following resolution:

Whereas, UW-Green Bay was one of only two campuses in the UW System to register enrollment growth in Fall 2019,

Whereas, UW-Green Bay began the 2019-20 academic year with a brighter financial outlook after a lengthy and difficult process of reducing structural deficits,

Whereas, strong leadership by a Chancellor and administration who would communicate openly and work closely with faculty, academic staff, university staff, and students would be needed to continue these favorable trends,

Whereas, Sheryl Van Gruensven had gained respect in her role as Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance on campus, across the UW System and in the community and was the ideal choice to lead UW-Green Bay in the 2019-2020 academic year,

Whereas, Sheryl Van Gruensven pursued policies that would ensure the university’s continued growth in an environment of transparency and open communication and cooperation with the university’s stakeholders,

Whereas, leaders possessing experience, sound judgment, compassion and vision have become critical to ensure the well-being and future of the University, its faculty, academic staff, university staff, and students in a time of an unprecedented health crisis,

Whereas, Sheryl Van Gruensven and the administration have acted decisively, effectively, and compassionately in dealing with this crisis and have inspired confidence in all the stakeholders of UW-Green Bay that it will weather this crisis and continue to carry out its educational mission for years to come,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the faculty, academic staff, and university staff of UW-Green Bay express their tremendous gratitude to Sheryl Van Gruensven for her outstanding service as Interim Chancellor in the 2019-2020 academic year and the continued efforts she will make on the university’s behalf as Senior Vice Chancellor of Institutional Strategy in the years to come.

True to character, a “humbled and honored” Sheryl Van Gruensven thanked all for the resolution and expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve the campus. She was quick to pass along that “the institution is what it is because of the people who work here.”


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