Breaking news: Walker administration amends budget proposal for UW System

State media outlets are reporting that Gov. Scott Walker has urged state lawmakers to adjust his earlier budget proposal for the UW System. A Wednesday night report in the Wisconsin State Journal said proposed changes to Walker’s 2013-2015 budget allocations include:

* Freezing tuition over the next two years, which would result in $42 million less in tuition revenues than the System had projected;
* $65.7 million in reductions from the state’s general purpose revenue appropriations;
* Requiring the System to pay for $28.7 million in four projects (economic development and “flexible degree” included) with its program revenue block grant.

The news reports suggest that, as a net figure, the System will receive less than half the $181 million promised in the initial budget. In a statement, DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch was highly critical of System administration for its management of various cash balance accounts. A UW System statement said state campuses could absorb the cuts in expected revenue: “To the extent that institutions can use one-time funds to cover one-time costs, UW leaders agree that the changes represent a manageable solution to a very difficult situation.”

To see news coverage and links to both the Walker/Huebsch letter and the UW System statement.

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