Cartoon Caption Results Are In!

The results are in and the collective Phoenix flock has spoken! (Or Squawked?) Much thanks to all who submitted and voted. The captions submitted ranged from the academic— “I gotta confess: I still don’t understand interdisciplinarity.” to questions of avian anatomy— “What is a giblet anyway?” But only one caption can rule the roost, and that is:

“This staying inside is for the birds.”
Submitted by Pamela Olson—Informational and Humor Specialist

Closely followed by

“Of course I miss the students. Noisy… a little messy…
but when you see them out and about on campus, you just feel closer to nature.”
Submitted by Christopher Sampson— Director of Humorous Communications, emeritus


“No, Thanksgiving has not been canceled yet.”
Submitted by Alise Coen—Human and Bird’s Rights Advocate

It is the purest of coincidences that all three finalists are present or former UW-Green Bay staff or faculty. All results were arrived through a robust qualitative analysis to avoid any bias: namely—is this funny? Plus, since the votes were surprisingly close, so all three will be receiving an original drawing emblazoned with their captions. Congratulations! (Please allow four weeks for delivery.) Thanks again for playing!

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