Student Nominated Teaching Award winners

The Student Nominated Teacher Award is an effort of the Instructional Development Council and Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning that recognizes excellent teaching from a student perspective. This year, the committee changed the administration of the award to reflect the breadth and diversity of outstanding teaching that is taking place on this campus. The IDC will no longer limit the award to one early career and one experienced teacher. Instead, any instructor who receives two or more nominations demonstrating real impact on the student experience is recognized as a recipient. The IDC’s goal in making this change is to celebrate a larger group of instructors, and endow students with greater agency over the process. The campus community thanks the following 53 instructors for their dedication to teaching and to their students.

Mandeep Bakshi, Natural and Applied Sciences
Danielle Bina, Information and Computing Sciences
Bryan Carr, Information and Computing Sciences
Heather Clarke, Business Administration
Jason Cowell, Human Development
Ryan Currier, Natural and Applied Sciences
Karen Dalke, Public and Environmental Affairs
Christin DePouw, Education
Heidi Fencl, Natural and Applied Sciences
Jamie Froh Tyrrell, Education
Regan Gurung, Human Development
Stefan Hall, Humanities
Jennifer Ham, Humanities
David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs
Michael Hencheck, Human Biology
Georgette Heyrman, Human Biology
Patricia Hicks, Human Development
Michael Holstead, Humanities
James Horn, Natural and Applied Sciences
Isabel Iglesias, Humanities
Kevin Kain, Humanities
Ryan Kauth, Business Administration
Harvey Kaye, Democracy and Justice Studies
Carly Kibbe, Human Biology
Emily Kincaid, Writing Center
Mary Sue Lavin, Phuture Phoenix
Minkyu Lee, Art and Design
Ekaterina Levintova, Democracy and Justice Studies
Tetyana Malysheva, Natural and Applied Sciences
Ryan Martin, Human Development
Rebecca Meacham, Humanities
Brian Merkel, Human Biology
Amanda Nelson, Human Biology
Cristina Ortiz, Humanities
Debra Pearson, Human Biology
Uwe Pott, Human Biology
Emily Ransom, Humanities
Kim Reilly, Democracy and Justice Studies
Ellen Rosewall, Art and Design
Laura Rowell, Human Biology
Nichole Rued, Writing Center
Sarah Schuetze, Humanities
Sawa Senzaki, Human Development
Christine Smith, Human Development
Alison Staudinger, Democracy and Justice Studies
Jagadeep Thota, Natural and Applied Sciences
Linda Toonen, Humanities
Sara Wagner, Human Biology
Sam Watson, Art and Design
Aaron Weinschenk, Public and Environmental Affairs
Elizabeth Wheat, Public and Environmental Affairs
Georjianna Wilson-Doenges, Human Development
Julie Wondergem, Natural and Applied Sciences

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