UW-Green Bay unveils Phoenix Childcare Support Program

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay continually strives to identify and remove obstacles that prevent our students from being successful in pursuing their educational goals. One such barrier is a provision to support childcare for our students who are also parents. In an effort to address this need, we are immediately launching the Phoenix Childcare Support Program. Utilizing federal grant funding and financial support from Segregated Student Fees, students who are Pell Grant eligible or have a demonstrated financial need, can apply each semester for a grant to be applied towards the expense of daycare for children aged infant to 12-years old.

In addition to this funding, student parents will have access to support which can help identify other supportive community resources, as well as the opportunity to attend training sessions focused on the further development of strong parenting skills. If you are a parent, thank you for prioritizing education amongst everything you are managing, and if you believe you are eligible, please apply today. Funding is now available.

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