Follow-up Cofrin Arboretum planning session on May 11

The April 13 strategic planning session for UW-Green Bay’s Cofrin Memorial Arboretum provided valuable new information and ideas, leading to a second meeting scheduled for Friday, May 11 from 8 to 10 a.m. in the MAC 212 (Cofrin Center for Biodiversity) conference room. The objective of this meeting will be to discuss priorities for action based on the many potential projects and needs that have been identified.

The planning session will focus on five geographic areas — all with significant challenges and opportunities: 1) Mahon Creek and the SW Arboretum trail linkages; 2) Bayshore Woods, including the Lambeau Cottage and parking area; 3) Oak Savanna and Shorewood Golf Course area; 4) Upahki Pond, including bike trail linkage at Bay Settlement Road/Leon Bond Drive intersection; and 5) Arboretum Gateway, between the Kress Event Center and Lab Science Building. Along with general issues like signage and trails.

Your input is both welcome and vital in setting short and long-term priorities. If you plan to attend, please contact Kim McKeefry at

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