UW-Green Bay class of ’09 ‘by the numbers’

Director of Institutional Research Debbie Furlong compiled a look at the spring 2009 graduating class “by the numbers.”

• Totals: Of the 760 eligible graduates (spring and summer), 713 are undergraduates and 47 are completing graduate degrees.

• Age: Undergraduate candidates range in age from 20 to 66, with a median average age of 24. Master’s candidates range in age from 24 to 52, with a median of 31.

• Gender: Over two-thirds (494, 69 percent) of the undergraduate candidates are women and a larger portion (37, 79 percent) of the graduate degree candidates are women.

• Diversity: The master’s candidates include 2 Native Americans, 2 Asian Americans and 1 Mexican American, with a total of 11 percent of master’s candidates representing minority backgrounds. The bachelor’s candidates include 52 students of color (7 percent of the total) from a range of backgrounds: 25 Asian American, 13 Native American, 9 Mexican or Hispanic American and 5 African American.

• Far-flung origins: Besides Wisconsin, graduates come from Belarus, Canada, France, Haiti, Japan, Lithuania, Panama, Philippines, Russian Republic, Thailand and Vietnam as well the Native American Nations of Menominee Nation, Mohican Nation (Stockbridge-Munsee) and Oneida Nation. Out-of-state students came here from Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

• Time on campus: Of the graduates, 56 percent started at UW-Green Bay as new freshman and 44 percent transferred here. Among the freshmen starters in the group, 52 percent started four years ago, 37 percent started five years ago, and 12 percent have taken six or more years to complete their programs. Among the transfer students, 58 percent started within the past three years, 18 percent started four years ago, and 23 percent have taken five or more years to complete their programs.

• Popular programs: Top 10 Undergraduate Majors: Business Administration, 104; Psychology, 86; Human Biology, 78; Human Development, 68; Communication, 50; Interdisciplinary Studies, 50; Accounting, 44; Nursing, 39; Elementary Education, 25; Social Work, 29. Graduate programs: Social Work, 19; Teaching and Learning, 12; Management, 11; Environmental Science and Policy, 5.

• Tripling/quadrupling up: Many students each year have double majors. But this year there are nine students with triple majors and two (including the class speaker) completing quadruple majors.

• Record for Adult Degree: A record 50 candidates will have completed Interdisciplinary Studies majors through the Adult Degree Program. In all three terms of 2008, 39 students completed an Interdisciplinary Studies major. On average, these 50 “returning adults” are 40 years old and have completed 50 credits at UW-Green Bay (while transferring the rest of the requirements), with an average grade-point-average of 3.31.


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