Humor is healthy, says guest speaker

laugh yoga

Laughter is good for the waistline and bottom line, says Debbie Iancu-Haddad, a participant in the Young Entrepreneurs Program, who calls herself a ‘Laugh Leader and Humor Researcher.’ A visitor from Israel, Iancu-Haddad led an hour-long program Tuesday (May 4) about the importance of humor in our lives. An hour of laughter burns as many calories as an hour in the gym. It prompts the release of natural chemicals that help us stay healthy. “Humor is a gift that everyone has that we choose not to use enough,” she told her audience. Iancu-Haddad leads the UW-Green Bay group in ‘laugh yoga’ in the photo above.

R. Terry Anderson

I teach English Composition and handle media and marketing for the Institute for Learning Partnership.