UW-Green Bay after hours Bunco meetup goes digital

When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened to stop a group of UW-Green Bay staff from gathering this month for Bunco—an informal after-hours ritual—a Zoom virtual meeting saved the day.

“Let’s be honest, I miss everyone and could really use some of the laughs!” wrote Residence Life Area Coordinator Amy Mauk, in an early planning email message. “Finding an online way to do Bunco has proved to be harder than you think. But we think we have found a way, and with the assistance of Virginia (Englebert), I think we have found a viable option using Zoom.”

The play-of-game requires three tables each set with two teams of two, through which players rotate based on if they win or lose each round, ensuring each participant has an opportunity to visit with the other eleven throughout the course of the evening. Instead of tables, the players rotated between breakout rooms within the Zoom conference. Instead of sharing a set of dice, women raided their Yahtzee and Tenzi sets to use for their own turns. And everyone brings their own best snacks.

UW-Green Bay Bunco zoom meeting

For years these coworkers and friends gathered in a member’s private residence monthly to socialize, relax and play the dice game. The UW-Green Bay Bunco gatherings were first organized by Virginia Englebert, Residence Life information process consultant, and continue to this day. To the group, including women from all parts of the Green Bay campus, with diverse professional roles, the monthly gathering offers an important opportunity to connect and socialize.

If you have any UW-Green Bay virtual gatherings, be sure to share screenshots on social media with #VirtualUWGB!

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