High School students under Prof. Bansal’s leadership present findings to Mark Murphy

The Sports Analytics Club students from Green Bay East High School, set up last fall in partnership with Green Bay Packers, Green Bay East High School, and UW-Green Bay, and mentored by Prof. Gaurav Bansal, presented their findings to Packers President & CEO Mark Murphy on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at the Lambeau Field. Mr. Will Garay from the Green Bay East High served as the coach, and Mr. Garrison Cummings, the Business Intelligence Data Scientist of the Packers, helped provide the data and guide the process. The club also benefitted from the resources provided by the SACP National. The students discussed their initial findings with the Packers Directors in their meeting earlier this month. Students incorporated the feedback they received and the directors’ response to their findings for their meeting with President and CEO Mark.

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