Professor Brian Merkel receives National Residence Hall Honorary of the Year Award

Congratulations to Associate Professor Brian Merkel (Human Biology) was selected for a National Residence Hall Honorary of the Year Award for the category of Institution Faculty/Staff.

NRHH is an organization that recognizes individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty and show great leadership throughout the campus community. The organization strives to provide recognition for the individuals on campus who have shown outstanding leadership and service. His commitment to the welfare and advancement of the UW-Green Bay community does not go unnoticed. Here is what one nominator said,

Professor Merkel has an amazing style of lecturing that I hadn’t seen before. He truly sees the student’s perspective and constantly addresses it while teaching. In an online format where students cannot ask questions as the lecture is taught, he frequently pauses and addresses possible questions or confusing statements that he thinks students could be wondering at home. He breaks up the content into small, digestible pieces that can be reviewed quickly to cement a core theme or process into our brains. In the very first lecture video, Professor Merkel took almost 30 minutes to make sure we had the tools and strategies to succeed before we even started on Chapter 1. I could tell right from the start that he really cared about how we did in his class, and that it mattered to him how we perceived what he was teaching. His level of care really touched me as a student and made me want to score high on his tests to give back to him for his efforts… I can confidently say that I have never felt a professor or teacher care more about the students succeeding not only in their class, but in the student’s careers as well.”

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