Earth Week kicks off on UW-Green Bay campus

UW-Green Bay Interim Chancellor David Ward joined with Congressman Steve Kagen, Wisconsin Environment Director Dan Kohler and Foth CEO Tim Weyenberg to kick off Earth Week activities happening at UW-Green Bay and around the state.

“What better time or place to talk about the environment than here at UW-Green Bay,” Ward said, referencing the mid-week Green Innovations 2009: Connecting Natural Capital to Economic Competitiveness symposium, which is being organized by the University’s new Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI).

By connecting science, policy and business, the EMBI will re-energize UW-Green Bay’s focus on sustainability and the environment. Ward reminded the audience that in its early days, the University was once known as “Eco-U” for its focus on environmental studies and stewardship.

The symposium will bring together local and nationally recognized speakers on sustainability and will showcase best practices in green business and renewable energy technology. It will also provide real-world examples of how “going green” is good for business and the environment.

Also discussed at Tuesday morning’s press conference was the release of a new study by Environment Wisconsin, a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. The Vision 2010 report details how Wisconsin could benefit economically by investing in clean energy and protecting the environment.

Environment and economy press conference, Earth Week, April 2009Interim Chancellor David Ward with Congressman Steve Kagen (left), Foth CEO Tim Weyenberg and Wisconsin Environment Director Dan Kohler, Earth Week, April 2009Wisconsin Environment Director Dan Kohler talks about organization’s Vision 2010 Report, Earth Week, April 2009Congressman Kagen addresses the crowd, Earth Week, April 2009Chancellor Ward is interviewed by a Fox-11 reporter, Earth Week, April 2009Chancellor-designee Thomas Harden attended the press conference and talks afterward with Associate Provost Tim Sewall and Interim Provost Bill Laatsch, Earth Week, April 2009Chancellor-designee Harden also met with Dean Scott Furlong and Prof. Brian Sutton, Earth Week, April 2009Congressman Kagen introduces himself to Chancellor-designee Harden, Earth Week, April 2009

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