‘Coach’ Hammerle can’t shake the title

Log readers who know her might enjoy this fun story about founding Green Bay women’s basketball coach Carol Hammerle, who still carries the title “coach” despite having retired nearly a decade ago. Now it is with a new sport — pickleball — exploding in retirement communities and considered the fastest growing sport in America. See the feature.

What is pickleball, you ask?

This self-serving Log editor who loves the game encourages you to check out the sport at the USA Pickleball Association website. That’s right, it has a national association.  Some describe the sport as a cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong. And it is fun! Rumor has it a few campus employees will bring back a couple of noon-hour clinics this summer so that you can give it a try. Check out video and more at http://www.usapa.org/.

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