Volleyball team to talk team trajectory despite COVID19

Green Bay Volleyball Coach Abbey Sutherland and the entire volleyball team will be presenting to Green Bay West Rotary during a weekly zoom meeting Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Their presentation will be: “Current Engagement Strategies to Enhance Team Culture and Connection.”

Description: Our team was cooking with grease. We were learning, becoming a closer team, and finally implementing systems in our gym. Then, on March 12, our world was turned upside down. Through online resources, collaboration, and research, we put together a curriculum to work to continue on the same trajectory, but through a different path.  We are choosing to grow by addressing the following topics virtually:

-Mental health + self-care rituals

-Acknowledging the grief, but moving forward with drive and purpose

-Catching players doing things right

-Accountability workout journals

-Creating a Green Bay Volleyball language document

-Peer/Group Teaching -One-on-One Virtual Dates

-Gratitude exercises and journaling

-Welcoming and including incoming freshmen

Joy Wick, UW-Green Bay is UW-Green Bay’s Executive Director of Advancement and a Green Bay West Rotary member, and will introduce the team.

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