Nice photo gallery: Applause for UW-Green Bay’s student employees

We have a nice slideshow up from this week’s Student Employee of the Year reception. The event honors the top nominees from among the more than 1,000 students employed in part-time campus jobs over the course of a typical year. See gallery.

Appreciation Week continues
It’s not too late to have your student employees swing by the University Union for a little appreciation in the form of popcorn, lollipops, maybe a hearty “thank you.” Here’s a reminder on further Appreciation Week activities, click here.

More from Stearney on student employees
We quoted Dean of Enrollment Services Mike Stearney the other day about the total number of student workers (more than 1,000), the sizeable payroll they earn (approaching $3 million) and their role in keeping UW-Green Bay running smoothly (immense). In his remarks, Stearney further characterized student employment as a mutually beneficial relationship:

“Students depend on us, we absolutely depend on them… Students reap great benefits in the form of the wages they earn, the lessening of their debt burden, the valuable work experience they gain, the career exploration opportunities, and a deepened sense of involvement with and commitment to UW-Green Bay. But the campus benefits in so many ways as well; certainly we benefit from the significant work contributions of our students all across the campus, but we also benefit from the energy, creativity, and good humor that our students bring to their workplace settings. This is truly is a relationship where everyone wins.” 

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