More plans to migrate UWC mailboxes

As previously announced, IT is in the process of migrating existing UWC mailboxes to UW-Green Bay mailboxes. Here is an update from Assistant Vice Chancellor Paula Ganyard:
“We will begin synchronizing all your existing mailbox information from your UW-Colleges account to your UW-Green Bay account. When the synchronization starts, you can continue to use your UWC account as you normally would. However, during the migration all messages and custom folders will be replicated over to your UW-Green Bay account. Once this replication happens we ask that you do not rename, move, or delete (only view) any migrated messages until the migration has completed. If messages/folders happen to change, when the final sync and cutover occurs the messages and folders will be restored to how they appeared in your UWC account. When migration is complete you will receive a notification from Power 365 Software. We have asked for a copy of that message, so that we can let you know what to expect, and so that you can trust that it is legitimate email and not phishing. We hope to be able share that with you soon.” Questions or concerns can be directed to

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