Climate Change Teach-In explores global challenge from 10 perspectives, April 18

As part of Earth Week, the Sustainability Committee is sponsoring a Climate Change Teach-In on Monday, April 18, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Christie Theatre. Ten UW-Green Bay faculty members will engage in a wide-ranging exploration of the problem of human-caused climate disruption. Feel free to drop in any time during the day. New presentations begin every half hour. The event will also be streamed via Zoom at (passcode: 041822).

10:00 a.m.      Welcome and Introduction: 5 Practices for Facing Climate Disruption (David Voelker)

10:30 a.m.      Don’t Look Up: The Perils and Potential of Climate Change Metaphors in Pop Culture (Bryan Carr)

11:00 a.m.      A Conversation on Anger and Climate Change (Ryan Martin and David Voelker)

11:30 a.m.      Climate Change and the Waters of Green Bay (Keith West)

Noon               The Seas are Coming for Us: Refugees and Climate Displacement (Alise Coen)

12:30 p.m.      The Last Man: Mary Shelley’s World Without Us (Rebecca Nesvet)

1:00 p.m.        “Under the Trees and the Stars”: A Reading from August Derleth’s Walden West (Eric J. Morgan)

1:30 p.m.        Can Empathy be Taught: The Role of Business Schools in Developing Empathetic Business Leaders ‘n Making Combatting Climate Crisis Our Business (Gaurav Bansal)

2:00 p.m.        But What Can *I* Do?: An Anxious Writer’s Reading Notes on the Apocalypse (Tara DaPra)

2:30 p.m.       Biophilia: Why Developing a Love of Nature Can Help in the Climate Crisis (Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges)

Please contact David Voelker at or 920-465-2491 if you have any questions or would like to discuss accommodations.


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