Roster of Academic Excellence exhibitors

Some of UW-Green Bay’s top student researchers, performers and artists were selected to put their work on display for the campus community and general public on Wednesday April 10, at the University’s annual Academic Excellence Symposium.

The 12th annual showcase helps demonstrate the University’s commitment to 360° of Learning, and the impressive range of scholarly achievement at the undergraduate level.

Listed here are each project’s title, the student involved, accompanist (if applicable) and faculty advisers and their academic units.

01: Effects of Religious Priming on Attitudes Towards Alcohol Use
Paul Ahrens, Nicole Schultz
Dean Von Dras, Human Development
02: Applications in Mathematics Education
Courtney Nolan
Kim Desotell, Phuture Phoenix
03: Brown County Zero Waste
Jennifer Gumz, Robyn Nielsen
John Katers, Natural and Applied Sciences
04: Internship with Lakeside Foods
Tieraney Planasch
Le Zhu, Human Biology
05: Boys and Girls Club: After School Program
Nicole Helsel
Jenell Holstead, Human Development
06: Wild Blue Technologies Internship
Matt VandenBoomen
Jeff Benzow, Art and Design
07: Student Marketing and Promotions Coordinator
Logan Hendricks
Phil Clampitt, Information and Computing Science
08: Renewable Energy Internship, Wisconsin Public Service
Evan Van Lanen
Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences
09: Voyageur Magazine
Kayla Filen, Mitchell Henkelman, Nicole Lasee, Codie Richards, Reed G Schneider
Victoria Goff, Information and Computing Science
10: Eco-Reps
Melissa Kiela, Amanda Pyke
John Arendt, Environmental Management and Business Institute
11: Internship at Family Services Residential
Lauren Vieaux
Deirdre Radosevich, Human Development
12: Inhibition of Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation by Indole-3-Carbinol and Benzyl
Gabrielle Gaura, Danielle Goodrich
Kimberly Baker, Human Biology
13: Effects of Chronic Exercise on Resting Plasma Corticosterone Response
Chloe Krueger, Julia Rose Shariff
Amanda Nelson, Human Biology
14: Stigmatization of Eating Disorders: Gender and Athlete vs Non-Athlete
Anna Girdauskas
Kristin Vespia, Human Development
15: Human Trafficking
Nathan VerVelde
Katia Levintova, Public and Environmental Affairs
16: Academic Participation and Expression of Knowledge
Emily Vogels
Regan A.R. Gurung, Human Development
17: Personality, Perception of Faces, Rejection and Satisfaction in Online Dating
Jimmie Willing
Regan A.R. Gurung, Human Development
18: An Analysis of Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Alternatives
Hilary Zanoni
David Helpap, Public and Environmental Affairs
19: Luteolin Suppresses Daidzein Induced Cell Proliferation in Breast Cancer Cells
Holly James, Jessica Pudelko
Kimberly Baker, Human Biology
20: The Art of Science
Spencer Karls
Sarah Detweiler, Art and Design
21: German Media and the 2012 US Presidential Election
Daniel Mueller
Katia Levintova, Public And Environmental Affairs
22: Bullying and Academics: Is There a Relationship?
Kaelee Heideman
Kristin Vespia, Human Development
23: Role of Cultural Congruence and Trust in
Online Charitable Giving
Kelton Dopp, Mai Chee Vang
Gaurav Bansal, Business Administration
24: Mental Illness Stigma as Function of Client Gender and Diagnosis
Kaitlyn Multhauf
Kristin Vespia, Human Development
25: Personality Influence on Irrational Beliefs and Organizational Commitment
Areanna Lakowske
David Radosevich, Human Development
26: Cross Cultural Content Analysis of Sexual Education
Rachel Gardner
Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, Human Development
27: Phuture Phoenix – By the Numbers!
Marena Erickson, Stephanie Sielaff
Kimberly Desotell, Phuture Phoenix
28: An International Approach to Examining the International Baccalaureate (IB) Mathematics Studies in the United States: Comparing a Topic in Statistics between IB and Chinese High School Mathematics Textbooks
Zhuxin “Zona” Fang
Susan Cooper, Education
29: First Impressions: Do Glasses Matter?
Miranda DeMars, Amanda Novak, Amy Vaughn
Jennifer Lanter, Human Development
30: Story of the Wounaan People of San
Antonio, Panama: An Evolving Way of Life
Jake Eggert
Mike Draney, Alma Rodriguez-Estrada, Natural and Applied Sciences
31: Moll Flanders Text Adventure
Kelsey DuQuaine
Aeron Haynie, Humanistic Studies
32: Bound/Unbound: A Series of Nude Self Portraits in Encaustic and Mixed Media
Kerie Throw
Kristy Deetz, Art and Design
33: Edificational [A Series of Surreal Narrative Portraits]
Kerstin Torgersen
Kristy Deetz, Art and Design
34: Jane Eyre: An Illustrated Interlude
Patrick Mares
Aeron Haynie, Humanistic Studies
35: Playing God
Andrea Oldenburg
Sarah Detweiler, Art and Design
36: Leadership Styles and Expectations
Jena Richter
Phil Clampitt, Information and Computing Science
37: Self-Portraiture
Jessica Schmidt
Sarah Detweiler, Art and Design
38: The Physiologic Effects of Music on the Sympathetic Nervous System
Desiri Jantz, Cassandra Welch
Craig Hanke, Human Biology
39: How Lost in Austen are You?
Sammantha Gibson
Aeron Haynie, Humanistic Studies
40: A Comparison of Basal Area on the Mahon Tree Plot
Austin Carter, Sara Smith
Robert Howe, Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences
41: Mammal Assemblages at the Wabikon Forest Dynamics Plot
Jesse Weinzinger
Robert Howe, Amy Wolf, Natural and Applied Sciences
42: The Effects of Echinacea on Superoxide Anion Production by HL-60 cells, a Neutrophil Cell Line
Lauren Caruso, Jessica Stolfi
Brian Merkel, Human Biology
43: The Body as a Landscape
Megan Mueller
Sarah Detweiler, Art and Design
44: Biostratigraphy of Scolecondonts
Clarissa Justmann
John Luczaj, Natural and Applied Sciences
45: Student Honors Recital 2013 Performance
Ryan Braatz
Sarah Meredith, Music
46: Student Honors Recital 2013 Performance
Lindsay Cummings
Sarah Meredith, Music
47: Student Honors Recital 2013 Performance
Nicole Duhaime
Sarah Meredith, Music
48: Student Honors Recital 2013 Performance
Kevin St John
Sarah Meredith, Music
49: Student Honors Recital 2013 Performance
Kevin Wellens
Sarah Meredith, Music

Mary Slavek, accompanist for Ryan Braatz (45), Lindsay Cummings (46), Nicole Duhaime (47) and Kevin St. John (48)
Grant Colburn, accompanist for Kevin Wellens (49)

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