Video: Chancellor Message to Future Students

Welcome to future Phoenix students! My name is Mike Alexander and I’m honored to be the Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

As Phoenix we say it is our time to rise. I want to talk to you today about our plans as we move forward through the pandemic.

I’m beyond excited to share with you that UW-Green Bay is moving ahead with plans to return to in-person classes for fall 2021. UW-Green Bay’s fall schedule matches our pre-pandemic course offerings and includes a mix of in-person, hybrid blended and online options. We want you to be able to take the classes in the method and mode that is right for you.

This means we can meet your educational needs for connectedness, flexibility, socialization and all other things that you expect when you come to college, and we’ll do so using best practices and health and safety to make sure we can continue to have the in-person experiences that are at the heart of a college experience.

Fall registration is right around the corner. If you are a transfer student you have the chance to begin registering in April. If you are a first-year student, now is the time to sign up for your Green Bay orientation experience, where you will register for classes and learn about getting started at UW-Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay is able to offer financial resources to keep you and your education on track. We want to do everything we can to make sure that you have all the options you need to make sure that your education is able to continue and that you’re able to talk about whatever support you need to persist towards your educational goals. Please contact us today at GBOSS,, to schedule a conversation.

This is an exciting time in your life. What awaits you is remarkable. A growing, bustling university with four locations and more than 100 student organizations to spread your wings. This is your opportunity to make new, lifelong friends, connections and meet amazing experts and fellow students who will spark your thinking, imagination and spirit.

I am excited about the promise of the fall semester and hope you are as well. College is about you. It’s about your success, and we’re ready and waiting to support you. Your success is our highest priority.

This past COVID year has been a roller coaster ride of changes and challenges, but you already know that. You’ve lived it, been resilient through it all, and you’re ready to live the next chapter of your life. One that includes UW-Green Bay.

It’s time to come together, rejuvenate, and rise.

We’ll see you this fall!