Phun Phact: ‘Phoenix spelling guide’ now in ephect

Campus signage and official campus communications will be receiving a makeover in the coming weeks. Beginning April 15, 2015, all campus signage, campus communication pieces and some official documents will be revamped to replace the letter “f” with the letters “ph.”

gardencaphe“This changeover reflects our tremendous Phoenix Pride and is an extension of a trend that has already been occurring at an unofficial level among students, departments, and other areas of campus… Phuture Phoenix… Phoenix Phamily… etc…” said Sue Bodilly, UW-Green Bay Director of Marketing. “This innovative and transphormative idea will make us stand out as a University and show just how much pride we have in being Phoenix!”

An example of this change can be seen at left in a mocked conceptual rendering of signage for the popular Garden Café… excuse me… Garden Caphé!

Don Texist, a sophomore member of the Phoenix Philanthropy Club on campus said, “I like this idea. It’s phun… but I am glad we don’t need to change our organization’s name. I guess we were ahead of the curve.”

Happy April Phool’s Day!