Deadline for Cofrin and Land Trust grants, and they have suggestions

Folks in NAS and the Biodiversity Center are reminding students that April 15 is the deadline for proposals from those seeking Cofrin Research and Land Trust grants. Funding typically ranges from $500 to $1,000 and can be used for travel costs, field equipment, and research supplies. While they encourage projects from any area of research, the project must contribute to the management of one or more of the UW-Green Bay natural areas including: The Cofrin Memorial Arboretum, Kingfisher Farm, Peninsula Center, Point au Sable, Toft Point, or the Wabikon Lake Forest Plot. An additional grant is available for research on any other northeastern Wisconsin natural area owned or managed by a non-profit organization.

Suggested topics of interest in current management of the natural areas include:

• short documentaries that promote use and research at the natural areas
• invertebrate surveys on the beaches at Point au Sable and Toft Point
• visitor use and recreation at beaches at the natural areas
• research on water levels, creek flashiness, and hydrology at Point au Sable
• seedbank studies of coastal wetlands
• continuation of the snake survey at the Cofrin Arboretum
• restoration projects at Baird Creek Preserve
• orchid restoration at The Ridges Sanctuary

A list of other faculty-recommended projects is available online. Those who would like to learn more can visit

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