Alumna publishes novel: ‘Bullet Proof Marriage: Love on the Run’

UW-Green Bay alumna Cindi LeRoy ’85 (Communication) wrote and published a novel titled “Bullet Proof Marriage: Love on the Run. It’s a Route 66 road trip comedy/adventure. Her debut novel has been released on

“Bullet Proof Marriage is an epic road trip story written by Cindi LeRoy and Emmy Award© Winning Writer, Susan B. Flanagan. The book is based on the original story and screenplay by Cindi. It’s a wild ride through the life of Birdie Turner, a drug-addicted pharmacist from Bakersfield, California who finds herself at the center of a fugitive manhunt. Birdie’s marriage has been falling apart for some time: her husband Jaxx spends more time with his vintage muscle cars than his wife, and she spends her days stealing Oxycontin from her job and drinking. She also smokes too much, and she’s gotten herself in a lot of trouble… A lot. When they are compelled to take some time to fix their marriage by a questionable therapist, they leave on a road trip in Jaxx’s 1962 Chevy Impala—his pride and joy. Unfortunately, what seemed like a good idea at the time, turns into a multi-state police chase as the couple is kidnapped by an escaped murderer seeking to go out in a blaze of glory. Everything is not as it seems, and Birdie has to question her allies: can she go back after her life on the run?”

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