More on IT transition for branch campus users

The first of the IT services to transition will be the Office 365 suite, which includes email, OneDrive and SharePoint. UW-Green Bay and CITS are working together to migrate all data associated with all faculty and staff network accounts.

What does that mean? It means that all your email currently in your account and your files in OneDrive or SharePoint will be “packed up and moved” to your account and UWGB OneDrive and SharePoint.

What else do you need to know?

  • The migration is scheduled to start in early April and expected to be completed by April 15.
  • You can continue to use your UW-Colleges email account as normal during the migration, but you can transition your daily communications to your UWGB account anytime now.
  • You will be notified when to stop using your UWC email account.
  • Your email will be forwarded to your email from then until June 2020.
  • You will still need to use your UW Colleges network account to log into your workstation, Prism, and any other UWC hosted applications for the near term.
  • You will need to access email and OneDrive via the online version of Office 365, to ensure that you are saving data to the correct location, until workstations are transitioned this summer.
  • SharePoint data being moved is only for the sites matching your branch name, if you have data elsewhere in SharePoint please take the opportunity now to migrate it to your UWGB account.
  • All data for branch specific (MAN-/MNT-/SHB-) Shared and Room mailboxes will also be migrated. If you need data in other shared mailboxes that span multiple sites, please make a copy of the data within your account.

Why do you need to use two accounts? Until we have transitioned the network and workstations over to the UWGB network only your UWC account will get you into a workstation. Only your UWGB account will get you access to your email and OneDrive. Yes, this is a bit of a nuisance, but it is only for a few months. Once we have converted over to our network you will back only having to remember the one account.

What do you do if you need help? Once you are switched to UWGB email and OneDrive, you can call the UWGB Help Desk at 920-465-2309 or via email at For all other technical issues, continue to call the CITS Service Desk.

As a reminder, check out the IT Services Transition website at: for more information or to submit questions. Watch for our next email on “Best Practices for Saving Your Data in OneDrive.”

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