Information Technology Update, March 25, 2020

Information Technology update, March 25, 2020
The University has more individuals working remotely than the inventory of mobile technology it has. It is understood that there may not be all the equipment and other resources necessary to facilitate remote work for every employee, or that your remote work location may not have all of the equipment you are used to using for your work. Please know that the primary focus of the University is to allow students and instructors to deliver courses in an alternative fashion. Achievement of that goal does require that all IT resources be allocated to services that are required to provide alternative delivery, so equipment may not be immediately available for all remote workers. As time and resources permit, a shift in focus will be made.

If you are working remotely, it is your responsibly to provide all the technology necessary to function effectively. Therefore, any purchases which are made by an employee to facilitate remote work are the responsibility of the employee. Securing or upgrading internet connectivity, purchases of laptops, monitors, or data usage expenses on cellular phone plans are the responsibility of the employee, and are not eligible for reimbursement.

IT personnel are also being stretched to respond to questions about IT problems of remote workers. While IT remains committed to assisting all employees, please keep in mind that technology questions from remote workers, which do not pertain to delivery of courses, will need to be triaged accordingly. All employees are asked to submit all requests for support through the IT Help Desk (920-465-2309 or, please do not contact an IT member hoping to get an immediate response as this approach will take limited resources away from mission critical tasks. Please know that IT is doing the absolute best it can, and will respond when they are able.

Orders for additional resources to assist all employees and students necessary to continue operations of the institution remotely have been made. As these resources become available notification will be provided.  In the interim, if you have an immediate need for technology equipment, please contact your supervisor (not IT) to discuss the specific issue and determine if a solution can be found with the resources currently available. Deans and division heads have been given instructions on how to get these identified needs to the appropriate person. Finally, if you know that of a student that has needs such as a lack of Internet access, please direct them to, who will help to facilitate that their needs are met.

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