Damkoehler family establishes second major endowed scholarship fund

The family of the late arts advocate and business leader David L. Damkoehler of Oconto has established a second endowed scholarship to support the academic and creative endeavors of Art and Design students at UW-Green Bay.

The four sons of David L. and Edna Damkoehler — David (Toni), Lee, Jay (Joann) and Mark (Cheri) — share in creating the Edna Walter Damkoehler Endowed Scholarship, which will help a UW-Green Bay Design student pursue his or her educational and creative goals. Edna passed away in 2011.

“We felt that establishing a design scholarship in my mother’s name at UW-Green Bay was deeply appropriate, as she was a student and strong supporter of the University,” said David Damkoehler, a professor emeritus of Art. “This scholarship is a memorial that will continue to help students who are pursuing careers that are about creativity, discipline and insight — all elements that informed our mother’s every action and thought.”

An ardent UW-Green Bay supporter, Edna Walter Damkoehler demonstrated her passion for the University in many ways, taking on-campus courses and LIR workshops, serving as a charter member of the Founders Association, and even ordering personalized license plate that read “UWGB4U.” Her family previously endowed the David L. Damkoehler Scholarship, created in 1998 and open to Art majors who graduated from any high school in a half-dozen local counties.

For a photo, more details and more reflections from Prof. Damkoehler, see the full story.

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