Rockin' research: Students show their stuff at 'Posters in the Rotunda'

Video: Posters in the RotundaSeven UW-Green Bay students were among more than 200 from across the UW System who gathered to present their research March 7 at the ninth annual Posters in the Rotunda event at the state Capitol in Madison. From fish assemblages to invasive species and Green Bay Packers recycling efforts, the UW-Green Bay students showcased interesting research on a variety of topics. They engaged legislators, UW System officials and fellow students from across the System, sharing the results of their hard work. Here are some of their thoughts on the day.

Michelle Bartoletti, Public Administration and Environmental Policy
“I can tell you right away it is an amazing experience to be here (at) the Capitol — just the building, in and of itself, is so beautiful. And it’s just the power of government as it stands. … It’s really, really powerful.”

Craig Van Pay, Psychology
“I think the coolest part about conducting research, for me, is being the first person to see new data. So looking at the raw data and analyzing it is really exciting for me, because nobody else has maybe ever tested this exact thing, and I might be the first person to ever see these exact results and be able to draw these inferences from the data.”

David Lawrence, Environmental Science and Field Biology
“I have been doing a 2-year study on the Wequiock creek, which is about three-and-a-half miles north of campus. … The Wequiock Creek flows into the estuary and I’ve been sampling fish there for the last two years, trying to get a fish assemblage of the whole area. … It’s a great preparation for graduate school.”

“It was amazing just to be on (the) Lambeau Field grounds, talking with people and helping the Green Bay Packers with their green movement.”

Marcy Jivery, Social Work
“Everything I’m learning about the research and (post-traumatic stress disorder), whether that’s combat vets, the incarcerated people or women with trauma histories, it’s so relevant. … It’s been eye-opening and it’s been wonderful.”

Jacob Eggert, Interdisciplinary Studies/Environmental Economics
“What we’re doing in the project is showing that you can have a strong environmental impact for the positive, and at the same time have it be economically viable and profitable.”

“We’re working hard at the UW System and they’re (state legislators) making decisions regarding our UW System. So they’re seeing our impact and understanding what our role is there at the UW, and also what their role is to help us at the UW. I think that’s powerful.”

See a photo gallery of the UW-Green Bay students at the Posters in the Rotunda event.

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