Reminder: CATL tips for moving courses online

CATL recommends these steps for moving courses online as well . We also know that you want to help students who will be new to distance education. For them, we’ve included five tips you can give students to be successful in the online environment. Finally, if you are still looking for where to turn for assistance we’ve provided a quick reference below.

Five Steps for Instructors

Step 1: Determine how you will communicate with students.
A few options include email, Canvas, or web conferencing. In addition to the tips for student success below, we’ve also put together Five Things to Communicate to Students to get you started. Learn more…

Step 2: Keep it simple. Identify your key learning objectives.
Ask what you want to accomplish through (or despite) the change to a distance format. Learn more…

Step 3: Assess your comfort level with and access to technology as well as that of your students.
It is okay if you are not a “tech master.” Your comfort level with technology will help you determine the means by which you can carry out distance instruction be it by email, Canvas materials, or synchronous sessions. Learn more…

Step 4: Decide what students will do to show their learning.
Depending on your and your students’ comfort level, options include read-and-respond work, assignments (using Canvas or not), quizzes, and several options for presentations. Learn more…

Step 5: Make a plan to have the resources you need available to you.
Be sure to have your Duo fob or phone and access to any cloud storage you may need (such as Office 365). Consult the Working from Home page for more information. Learn more…

More detailed information can be found on the Instructor Resources page of the UW-Green Bay Coronavirus site.

5 Tips for Student Success

Tip 1: Connect with your instructors.
Ask them what the preferred communication method will be for your classes. Check your campus email and Canvas regularly.

Tip 2: Create a schedule.
You are balancing a lot right now. Set aside time for each of your classes individually.

Tip 3: Make sure you have access to the technology you need to do your work.
Make sure you have access to campus email and Canvas. Also check the Learning from Home page.

Tip 4: Have a consistent workplace.
Try to make it as reliable, comfortable, and distraction-free as possible.

Tip 5: Maintain contact with important support services.
Consult the detailed list of services below.

Support Service                                   Preferred Contact Information

The Learning Center                           920-465-2958

Online tutoring help (24/7)                 Through Brainfuse

Pride Center                                         920-464-2167

Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs    

Counseling and Health Services       920-465-2380

Advising                                               Email: to set up a meeting with your advisor

Financial Aid                              

Cofrin Library                                      Consult the Library Services for Online Students page

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